Domain Names and Internet Marketing

What is a domain name?

Wikipedia tells us: "An Internet domain name is an identification network related to a group of devices or computers connected to the online network", and you will say, this seems to me like Chinese. Well, to make you know it better, I'm likely to use a simile that is going to be illustrative.

Imagine the domain is the house where you live as a renter, in fact it is as if it had been yours because it is filled with your clothes, your own adornments, your utensils, your memories... but as you live inside you have to pay a rent to its proprietor in turn takes care of different things like paying the community charge. In addition, your home is situated in an address and also to identify it has a number, and at times also a letter.

Well, the domain is the same. We decide what name to give it, which are the home number. Secondly we pick the host where it will be hosted by us, which would be the house's owner. This server assigns us. Annually we pay a fee to the host, which would be the house's monthly lease. The server takes care of the owner of the home, as well as the security of the information pays the community fee. And finally we decided what to include within our domain: a blog, a corporate website, pictures, etc., which would do the function of the adornments, utensils or clothes we mentioned previously. We see it clearly

Another aspect to remember is that each and every time you register a domain you must include your name, postal address, email and telephone. That is a requirement established by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) and are available here. You are simply interested or if you wish to understand how your data is displayed and have a website, you can consult your WHOIS here.

If you do not want your information use your house address and to be visible to everyone, for example if you are a private individual, there is the possibility of hiding this information. To hide it first consult the company where you have registered your domain, if they do not have this service you can always search for options. Remember that the book of info is prohibited and its non-compliance might cause the cancellation of your domain name.

Which domain name do I select for my site?

That is just another of those doubts which arise when individuals opt to begin an internet business, on the flip side, and on the 1 hand we have difficulty deciding which name to choose. com,. es,. Internet, etc.. .

In Terms of the title, my recommendations will be as follows:

Make it Simple to type

That it is not long

Make it Effortless to remember

Can I include the key word? I advise you to use it only if you don't put it, although including it can help you with positioning. Nowadays there are lots of elements which we must work to create our website set up, so it is better to emphasize them than to use a domain name that's tricky to keep in mind, too long or complex to write.

About the type of domain, it is advisable to take into account the following points:

Termination. Com is used and is simple to remember. It is certainly the best option.

If your website is going to be focused on a single country, register the domainname:

Spain -. es | France -. fr | Italy -. it | Germany -. De

You can also register, when it's a nonprofit organization. Org, such as Wikipedia. org.

Register as many domains as you can, which means you don't risk competition and purchase them before you do.

What's hosting or web hosting?

According to Wikipedia "is the service that provides Internet users a method to store data, images, video, or any content accessible via the web.

Continuing with the comparison when the domain does house functions can perform the city function. In it we could drive with the car, but we cover a flow tax, we can throw the garbage away, but we pay a charge for the collection of trash, we can go to the municipal sports centre, but we pay an yearly charge, etc.. .

Something occurs, in it we can host into a database from a web page, but for that we must pay an yearly fee, if we employ a hosting service. The amount will vary depending on the type of lodging, i. e. the professional services offered.

Which kind of hosting do I choose for my internet business?

Shared server:

It is the best alternative if you're just beginning, because it is the least expensive and you always have time to seek the services of a superior option once your online business begins getting more hits. The server is shared with more customers, as its name suggests.

Dedicated server:

In this event all server resources are utilized by the customer, which is why their price is significantly higher, but also their functionality. By way of example, it has the added bonus that you get speed and can adapt it to your requirements.

Cloud Computing:

Cloud-based servers which do not need upgrades are used by this choice. Its principal advantage is its scalability, you pay for what you use, therefore if during a definite period of time you need resources you cover more then return to normal.

How do I contract domain name and web hosting?

Once you've decided on the domain name and expansion, as well as the kind of hosting you want to employ, start looking for the company that best fits your needs. Look at the price, but consider the services provided and the technical support available.

For my own part, I can tell you that I'm using SHOPIFY for my own project and when I have in progress, and the fact is that I am quite happy. They've got service, the interface is very intuitive and I haven't had any problems with the 32, although I use the least expensive version of your server. If if you do this through the link below you, you are invited to contract it receive a 30% reduction.

So far today's post, I am awaiting you in the comments area where I'd like you to discuss doubts, your own expertise or recommendations about domain hosting and registration hiring.

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